The menopause is a marathon, not a sprint, with consistent self-care key to spotting the early warning signs and managing the dips, writes Asha Clearwater.

As the world’s attention falls to climate change, Asha Clearwater writes about her love of trees, and how we need to care more for them.

Time to up my self-awareness and change my ways to keep me moving along that road to recovery.

When Covid comes knocking, it’s different for everyone. Though I had a relatively mild dose, I’m still feeling the effects but determined to gradually build up my physical and mental fitness again. For me, even the simplest tasks became a battle of mind as well as body.

A bad day in menopausal terms can be the pits, so what can we do to make it through in one piece? My menopausal First Aid kit helps me. It may help you too.

Form filling is hardly a dangerous sport, so how can it leave me feeling so anxious? I’m betting my fellow drivers will understand.

One of our first Pride marches in London when Section 28 was alive and kicking. Check out the sign behind us.

In April 2021 my wife and I celebrate 23 years together. We’ve lived and loved through an age of AIDS and Section 28, thanks to a quirk of fate missed a nail bomb attack, and have been subjected to homophobic bullying and verbal abuse. But through it all our love’s survived and thrived.

You know that enough’s enough moment? Imagine having that feeling for months and months and doing nothing about it. That was me. When MS came knocking at my door again, something HAD to change. It was my saving grace. Yes, really.

Princess Diana shakes hands with the resident of an AIDS hospice in Toronto in 1991

When Diana, Princess of Wales, first shook the hand of an AIDS patient in 1987, it made global headlines, changed lives and attitudes. The most photographed woman in the world understood the power of touch. Do we?

Remember that feeling when someone you trust puts a big arm around you and says things will be okay? The UK needs that moment right now.

Asha Thornton-Clearwater

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