Re-Born This Way: How MS Helped Me To Ditch The Askholes And Reshape My Business

You know that enough’s enough moment? Imagine having that feeling for months and months and doing nothing about it. That was me. When MS came knocking at my door again, something HAD to change. It was my saving grace. Yes, really.

I know the customer is always right, but what to do when you know they’re wrong?

Fine wine

I spell out how their press release, in its present form, will be lost in a sea of boring sales puffs, dressed up as stories when they’re not remotely newsworthy.

Waiting game

Preparing for the inevitable

I’m tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of the knockbacks, the complete disregard of my expertise, my journalistic input — the same thing they were so excited about when they employed me.

Hello. Would you like to advertise?

Warning signs

Is it ever worth this?

No amount of money in the bank can make up for the feeling of selling your soul.


I was a fish out of water, being continually caught on the hook, left on the side, gasping for air, then plopped back into the murky PR depths to be plucked back out at any time.


I’m mentioning this because it’s a great reminder of how we can sometimes miss the warning signs, even if they are delivered as bloody great big boulders — like the ones I was failing to dodge.

Struggling to walk

Not only did I have to cope with an emotional unravelling, my physical body was struggling too.

Embracing change

You’ll have met some askholes of your own, I’m sure — clients who ask for your expert opinion, don’t take your advice and then moan when they don’t get the publicity they want.

My new business and life plan

Turning the tables

Still a journo

I may not be typing away in a newsroom, surrounded by sweary news and sub-editors (my training ground), with steam coming off the keyboard two minutes from deadline, but I’m still of that world.

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